I can make you beautiful all over again,

Not that you need it,

But you should feel how i would dress you up,

With a touch that would unbutton your hesitation,

Like you cant wait to loose your breathe,

A depth unknown with breadth unfigured.


And i will catch your cold just to show you how,

How sick i am over you,

Sneezing your blessings,

If you got tissues,

I got issues.


And i got ways to kiss you,

That dont even require lips,

Just the smile suffices,

A surface so plain,

Yet again sways and slays the foes.


Many mentions of sensations kill tensions,

Visibility of you so vivid lie a billboard,

Sword so double edged and heavy as a sledge,

A vision may be,

But an essay for you.IMG_3827


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