If you hear & see that 1000 men love you

Remember to smile,
If you hear that a thousand  men love you.

If you hear that 500 hundred men love you,
Remember…. a smile is either in the first
                     Or the very last row.

If you hear that a 100 men love you,
Remember…. to learn to look,
                     To look at what you see and hear.

If you hear that 10 men love you,
Remember…. its the kind words you are in need of,
                     Seeds that feeds fondness and firmnes of heart.

If you hear that 2 men love you,
Remember….  chivalrous one for certain is the one.

If you remember me know this,
Your kindness is clenched in my memory.

If you see a smile of a thousand men
See the smile and remember I smile too.

2014 jan 16th 1530hrs


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