3 lend or borrow

It has changed us,
Time has changed us,
It has evaded us,
Time has evaded us,
No vim is left in us,
Emotions silenced in us.

I adore you’s, not in us,
My apologies not in us,
So long ago us worked,
So much energy not faked.

Both of us deserve more,
We truly tried the us,
Something’s aren’t meant to be
Let’s say our bye,
Our goodbyes in amicable us.


  1. honey–this is brilliant. The word choice, the mixing of the phrase “us” ruthlessly with conception and language…wow. Really reallly good. Unique, and quirky, heartfelt and touching.

  2. Thanks Charron. i m humbles inspired by people splitting up some quiet ugly splits. So i thought why cant we talk of it and end it in a friendly way.

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