If You Put it like That…

my my i love this poem

Charron's Chatter

Karen Robiscoe dba CHARRONs CHATTERto you

I’m her

a boon or burr

but in my eyes

I’m I…

a more important guy…

the self attached to my…

to what, wherefore, and why…

the me that’s her

to you or she’s

a different thing entirely

in way that him‘s no he

nor father, brother be

the them’s not they

beyond this say

exist in gobs


not groups, but mobs

of we’s in force

and everyone

means meez, of course

excepting none

a world pop,

made up of ones–

–source: back to top…

2¢ K Robiscoe

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  1. oh hey now–how nice is this! I am so grateful, Jabbar! Late(ful) but grateful, I am sorry I did not thank you sooner! It has been a hectic month, for sure, but then–when isn’t it? Thank you for your awesome support–the encouragement is the ink to the pen, grease to the wheel. 🙂

    • Its alright i thought i was alone on that. Quiet hectic its been still is. But i try check on what your mind and pen does. Oh and you are welcome.

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