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after the rain

do you see the bow?

or do you track mud,

wherever you go…

–in steps you don’t measure

–in boots made for walking

in loops,

but not lines,

that don’t lead to treasure?

& after the trials

are eyes open wider?

or do you walk gauntlet,

ever the fighter…

–instincts you don’t curb

–in acts that prolong

in loops,

and in lines,

the thing that disturbs?

& after the strut

do you wait in wings?

of stage that is silent,

or hear angels sing…

–in tones that are gleaming

–where sound and light merge

in lines,

but not loops,

of lyrics redeeming?

since after the reign

& after all glory

a new page begins,

–and so does your story…


©Karen Robiscoe

A lil what-what this A.M. An essay I wrote was accepted for publication by journal: Meat for Tea. So yay. I am obviously seeing the…

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  1. it’s you. YOU are the pot of gold at rainbow’s end. Thank you, Ismail. It’s encouragement like this, from fellow artistes, that makes all the difference. ❤

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