♥ of g•Old

Charron's Chatter

Pduck_rabbitulling adult hood

around baby face,

I remember velvet

teen years,

when I knew heh-v’ry-thing

and life was plush

–totting up triumphs,

and sowing oats instead of

sewing button eyes

back on

and carin’ was only

kidding around…

©Carin’ Robiscoe

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  1. Thank you sooOOOoooo much…. /———————————————————-/ <<at least that much…plus ellipses!! WordPress doesn't show these re-blogs on my site though…:(….I have written them vis-a-vis, but they can't seem to fix it. I don't really mind, since your support and true liking of my work is what matters, Jabbar. I think you are just the best–so kind and…um…discerning…oh hello ell!! Hope your weekend is restful or rockin' ,,whichever floats your boat…:)

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